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Why Deline Technologies differ form others ?
In the vast ocean of software companies to pick one is indeed a difficult task, because of the obvious question “which one?”

The answer can be found out if you the company you pick have the answer to your need… simple.

Here is where Deline technologies stand out of the crowd. Its is not just the answer to your questions we know, we know what could be your possible questions too. The R&D section in the Business Development Department is constantly at research on the possible needs of clients under different domain. Consequently the result of the research is essentially reflected in the projects we deliver to you.

Reason 2: Deline Technologies are unique in their perspective in the matter client satisfaction of the IT solution delivered. Our client satisfaction is not based on how much the client is content about the solution. We rather put across a vision towards the customer of the client, and focus on how much satisfaction can the client bring out to their customers using our solution.

Reason 3: Having expertise in technology back up, professionals from various universities as well as business corporates, and the experience of served over 500 Clients across the globe, our confidence level is enough to be ready to take up any challenge within our domain. In a nutshell you will have exactly what you need, with the latest technology under the hood.

Reason 4: Having an excellent international exposure, our standards are measured keeping the international level as the benchmark, hence our “optimum results” so we call it, will be one of the best business solutions you can get.

Reason 5: Being an MNC, we have engineers stationed at different geographical locations, including residential campuses, consequently your work will be delivered on time and also you will have on-time support from any location nearest to you from among the 4 we have now.

Reason 6: The Team Deline is not in this profession as it is simply another scope of Business, we are more considerate to venture to learn deep into our domain of expertise, and share the expenses wide across our future scope of your project, that will be the reason to your question why you had to consider a lesser budget for an IT solution of this standard. And that is why we still have more than 90% of our client still doing business with us.
Our Competencies
  • Innovative web designing capabilities
  • Complete e-commerce capabilities
  • Dynamic database driven pages using PHP, JSP
  • Professional Flash Development and Animation
  • Interactive Business presentations and Virtual tours
  • Software Development in Opensource Technologies
  • Building and integration of databases in MYSQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird
  • Building and Integrating Open-Source Packages
  • Consultation on your business development using IT solutions