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Web Designing & Development
Website Development
Deline Technologies places its confidence in handling any type of website that you are looking for. Ranging from simple Personal Websites to creating a complete online automation for your organization or business corporations, and the package lands up in an affordable price range.

Our expertise includes theme based website designing. International quality layouts of website design, web colors with stylish copy and inventive presentation.

Deline Technologies Identifies that each project has its own needs. And these are what we are used to and capable of doing, whether in our own team or in collaboration with a third-party contractor, whichever suits your budget, we always bring you a choice.

Our Skills in Web Development & Designing Constitute

Server Side technology : PHP, JSP

Client Side technology : HTML5, CSS3, Jquery,JavaScript

Databases : MySql, PostgreSQL, Firebird

Graphic Designing : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash with Action Scripting, Adobe Dreamweaver

Animations : Gif Animator, Adobe Flash, MixFX

Website Renovation
We can assure you that if you already have a website that will never be on the way for you to become our prestigious client, as we do undertake Website renovations. We offer redesigning of your website at par with international standards and more result oriented development of your website.

We offer good graphic design and better search engine ranking with a new outlook to the fast changing IT world. Persons/Firms/Companies having an existing website with poor graphics and content can modify their existing site through us to suit the latest software coding and graphics.

Website Maintenance
We provide comprehensive, accurate, and quick website maintenance services.

We help you in keeping your website crisp and current leading to increased sales.

We will take as much pride in your website as you do when it is completed!

Our great advantage is that we offer everything you need to get a site up and running, starting with Domain Registration, through website development and promoting, hosting, and last but not the least maintenance and technical support.

Itís a known fact the a well maintained and updated website is very important to attract customers. An attractive and user-friendly site makes the visitor more interested. But if the site contains out-dated information or links that do not work, customers are unlikely to inquire for your products or services.

We have highly skilled and well trained designers as well as programmers who possess expertise for website design and development. We can update revised files through FTP to your site, so you do not need to worry about anything except sending clear instructions to us by e-mail.

We provide quick, professional and diligent website maintenance service to customers all over the world at 24/365.

Web Content Management
The Web plays a critical role in our business, and therefore effective content management has to be a priority for your business. If quality content & precise data is not provided to your customers, then it can affect your business. Whether you have Internet, Intranet or Extranet sites, content drives your website. Everything from a newspaper article, to an e-mail promotion, to an e-commerce transaction is driven by content. We present you an optimum Content management system to bring about a solution for the above.

What is Content Management?

Content Management Systems are special software programs that allow anybody to manage content on their web site without the need for complicated web site development programs or knowledge of programming languages. Content Management System allows you to change information on pages, add and remove photos and many other functions that have previously required access to a web site developer.

How does Content Management System work?

Content Management Systems work by allowing you to access a special administration area of your web site. Once you get there, you can use the Content Management Systems to edit pages, add new products to your e-commerce web site, process online orders, add and remove news items and more. We create custom built Content Management Systems to ensure our clients have a powerful and secure yet easy to use system to manage their web sites.

Why outsource web site and content development to India?

  • Ability to write fluently in English and many other international languages.
  • To counter the increasing cost of research
  • Shorter time to develop content
  • Develop a range of content - web content, technical content and illustrations
  • Benefit from multiple resources who are trained professionals
  • Top-quality documentation for a fixed cost
  • Qualified and well read writers

The key features of Content Management System (CMS) are:

  • Powerful and fully featured Web based content Editor
  • Content Authoring
  • Workflow Administrator
  • Content Preview tool
Web Hosting
The decision you make about hosting your web pages or web hosting plan to use a Web Service Provider is very critical. As well as structuring and producing the content for your web design, you put on the Internet so that it is accessible to Internet users around the world. And on top of it, it is to be made certain that your web site is always available, quick to access and is supported by a team of technical experts.

Choosing the right web hosting company in India is vital to the success of your business and you should examine their capabilities as soon as you need a presence on the internet. We have package to fit all the needs mentioned above. We offer very nominal prices for Domain Name Registrations, Domain Transfer, Bulk Domain registration and server space with prompt services and support.